Crescent Blood

This book is divided into two parts. The first part tells the tale of how the science society formed. Young Dr. Rugenn and his college buddies are introduced to the nocturnal source and the nocturnal project is initiated. The second part picks up some years after the Rugenn fire, when the nocturnal community is rebuilt in Pine valley not far from the former mansion at Pinecrest. Pine Valley and the nocturnal community becomes more commonly referred to as Nocsville.

Crescent Blood – what’s with the name? Did it just sound cool? Well, a small nerdy club at the Dageraad University thought so. In a pre-Star Trek era, relatively speaking from a geeky point of view, a small group of students associate their club with one of the darkest and most mysterious villains in mythological history – the vampire. This makes them cool by association, obviously.

Emma has been lurking at the fringe of this all male club for a while, rejected for simply being a girl. She fits all the other criteria: she’s studying Ecology at the same university, and she’s a bona fide nerd. She too shares the infatuation of the nocturnal super villain, hence her interest in the club, and when she comes in contact with a tangible connection to the myth, she earns her Crescent Blood membership.

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