Nocturnal Illumination

When all is wonderful, disaster lurks around the corner. While the Nocturnal Encounter introduced us to the scene and the characters surrounding the nocturnal community, the sequel – Nocturnal Illumination, brings us outside the contained environment of Pinecrest and out into the world, and into the big city. Miranda can’t shake the drama that always seems to linger in her path, and Varian can’t seem to catch a break in the pursuit of his dream – Miranda.

Nocturnal Illumination is a larger story with a sinister twist…or two. The drama, the action and the warped minds of the derailed, are causing the nocturnal community considerable grief. But there is more.

Unbeknownst, Miranda has become a collector of clues. She holds the key to the long unsolved mystery of the nocturnal origin. Much was lost in the Rugenn fire many decades earlier, but not all. In Miranda’s world free of superstition, her stars readily align and her fate is illuminated by signs of reemergence.

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