Eugenics on fire

Eugenics Revisited

[Conversation between Miranda and three nocturnals or “nocs”: Varian, Lailie, and Yuudai from the novel Nocs – Nocturnal Illumination.] When Varian and Miranda made it over to the Serroni residence, Lailie and Yuudai were already relaxing in the library with a bottle of wine. “Check out what we found,” Lailie said while nodding at a thick […]

Rusty’s take on the Pinecrest Vampires

Excerpt from Nocs – Rumors & Beer There was a train schedule mounted on the outside wall of the old station in Hibonville, the small town below Pinecrest. Nocsville lay hidden in the opposite direction. “Oh look!” Miranda noted sarcastically, “Their busy train schedule accommodates two trains per day!” “Just enough to arrive and leave […]

Is it time to publish my Kindle book into print?

10/2/2015     Let’s get Nocs on paper. Where to begin? There’s a summary page by Amazon here…let’s see – Create Space, GET STARTED. No wait! I should do some research, right? Here’s someone’s account, and it’s positive. Of course, I used the search sentence: “Is is a good idea to publish with createspace?” What if I […]

The Negotiating Human Mind

The bell tolled in Giotto’s Bell Tower only a stone cast away and Piero instinctively synchronized each thrust to the reverberating chime, sending a pleasant tremor through Luisa’s naked body. Surely this was a sign from God. She had been told it was a sin, but everyone knew that Florence’s new bell tower thundered the word of […]