One Sexy Lab Rat

Lailie looked around the lab from where she sat in her cell corner. She was desperate to do something, anything to manipulate her situation. She wasn’t going to just sit there like a pathetic victim and submit to her circumstance. There was nothing within her reach, not yet anyway, so she imagined what she could do with the various objects in the lab if she did happen to get an opportunity to reach for something.

The janitor eyed her curiously from across the floor. He scrubbed the same spot, over and over, looking busy while absent in his task. Her gaze landed on him next, and while his actions remained aloof, she could tell excitement lit up within his skull. He kept scrubbing, looking inconspicuous from his 3/4 orientation with his head slightly tilted towards her. Swish-swish, swish-swish, the rhythm of the mop sounded unbrokenly. His eyeballs were angled almost out-of-socket in an awkward position, now fixed on hers with intensity. Lailie shuddered with disgust. In his mind, she was sure the scene of a porn was playing out. In his mind, she was probably begging for him to save her from the inescapable lust she must be feeling from his manly presence. Swish-swish.

The longer she held his gaze the more excited he became. Still operating his mop mechanically in one spot, a confident smile formed and soon a subtle rocking of his pelvis joined the movement. It became increasingly difficult for Lailie to keep an encouraging appearance under the revulsion she felt. The hair on the janitor’s forehead clung from the perspiration of the thrill, and he licked his lips seductively. His eyes were still fixed on hers intensely. Swish-swish.

What could bridge the spell and make him a future tool among all the other objects in the lab? Lailie knew she had to give him something so he would yearn for more.

She slowly unbuttoned her coveralls with his gaze following. Swish – the mop stopped. He wiped his forehead with the back of his trembling hand, and he licked his lips again, this time from the thirst of anticipation. Lailie gently pushed the opening of her coveralls to one side while adjusting her torso forward, exposing her small breast. The janitor’s mouth hung open now. In his mind, his rough callus hands were already caressing her pearly white skin and he was already tasting her rose nipple. Perfectly still, she allowed time to intensify his desire.

An uncontrollable urge hypnotically drew him towards her cell, but then footsteps could be heard approaching in the corridor. Lailie quickly buttoned her coveralls and the janitor turned to mop a new spot. Swish-swish. As the lab filled with a team of scientists, the janitor kept gazing back at her, now in shy spurts while mopping randomly. Swish-swish.

Phase one accomplished. Lailie was gaining control.

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