The Sequel is Coming Along.

November 7, 2015

Yes – it has been done! NOCS: Nocturnal Illumination is now available on Amazon as an e-book. Now that the sequel is available, I feel more confident about marketing the series. Now I’m also free to focus on the other books, probably putting the book that picks up where the sequel left off first, while adding to the two prequels here and there as I always have.

Spoiler Snippet:

In the city, the rain had drizzled down for days non-stop. It was cold rain with a chilling dampness that would sneak its way through every fiber no matter how many layers of sweaters, coats or parkas people would cover themselves with. The days were also getting darker and colder. Lailie was still in the city and muttered to herself with blue frozen lips, cursing the lasting fate of their unbearable despair. She took the shortcut through the dark park surrounding one of the city’s majestic churches. The church was lit by spotlights arranged in different angles from the ground, casting shadows on its stone walls, making everything look peacefully sinister. Everything else was dark, for a human. Lailie’s emotions were on edge, but her superior senses still picked up on her stalker. The man’s pace quickened and closed in on her as they neared the darkest part of the path on the church ground, but Lailie pretended to be unaware of his presence until he was in mid-air assault. She swiftly turned on her assailant and hissed. In a split second, the man fully realized he was facing his judgment day instead of another helpless victim. She disarmed him with little effort and descended on him like a wild animal in cold rage. It was marvelous the way she cut through his helpless human defenses with skill and speed, her hair fanning through the cold air, catching a silver lining from the ominous church light…

October 11, 2015

My goodness! I read the draft below and realized my life had gotten more stressful and complicated since that date. Once again I’ve had to rearrange my life to make room for what I love – writing! I’m more determined than ever to publish the Sequel, Nocturnal Illumination, and to get Nocs into print.

A preview you say? Alright, here’s a small tidbit, not too revealing:

“They had probably given up hope by now and Miranda had faded to a dear memory framed on her mother’s piano. ‘It’s a shame. She was so young,’ could probably be heard between tea slurping at the memorial in her mother’s home. Miranda wondered how long it took to have a missing person declared dead. Then she remembered she didn’t know how long she had been gone anyway since she wasn’t counting the days. At least Varian wouldn’t give up on her. Varian – he had waited seven long years for her, perhaps he would be faithful to her no matter what, holding on to her memory as he turns into an old wrinkled pale noc wearing prescription shades and denture fangs attached with adhesive.”

January 6, 2015

I’ve had a really busy six months, and my laptop which I used to carry with me almost everywhere, like an extra limb, broke in its hinges. It became stationary on my desk and I gave less and less time to editing the sequel. With no travels planned in the near future and my new little Asus 2-in-1 laptop, I’m once again carrying my book[s] with me everywhere, finding moments to edit here and there.

This is how writing gets done – you allow your circumstances to revolve around that focus, that story, those characters, and you carry them around everywhere you go, and they always reside somewhere in your mind. It’s not about setting aside half an hour everyday, between your yoga and favorite TV show, not for me anyway. My writing is never scheduled because it takes place as often as I have a moment.

Besides editing the sequel, bits of the other stories reveal themselves to me as well. I have chunks of an outline for the book that takes place during the renaissance, and I’ve written a first chapter along with other bits on the book about how the nocturnal project came about. Just last week, I wrote the beginning for the book that will take place after the sequel. All in all, I have outlined three more books besides the two that are already written. All I need is time. All I need is time.

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