The Negotiating Human Mind

The bell tolled in Giotto’s Bell Tower only a stone cast away and Piero instinctively synchronized each thrust to the reverberating chime, sending a pleasant tremor through Luisa’s naked body. Surely this was a sign from God. She had been told it was a sin, but everyone knew that Florence’s new bell tower thundered the word of God. She had also been taught to guide her soul by the good feelings righteous deeds produced, and her love for Piero felt more than good; it felt heavenly. Surely God was giving his approval, knowing the couple was soon to be wed. It was against her father’s permission, but God’s will outweighs man’s.

It was first in a dream that Luisa had her vision from God. She saw herself with Piero in Rome, kneeling down in St. Peter’s Basilica, merging their souls in holy matrimony. Angels rejoiced and showered them with blessings; a divine choir echoed through the great halls. She knew then she had God’s blessing and Piero agreed. The symbolism was obvious to him: St. Peter held the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and to be wed in his basilica was surely a promise, and as he held the key to Luisa’s heart, entry to intimacy was sanctified by the highest authority. Louisa could not object to such flawless logic.

However, their pact with God was secret, and they could not be found out. Piero left the building first, and strolled down the dirty cobblestones on a mock quest, looking rather determined. His focus changed as he heard a disturbance in the distance; the growing amplitude of a crowd on the move. Just as Louisa stepped outside, an angry mob rounded the corner a few blocks down the street. They were rallied up, armed and furious. The young couple looked at each other with alarm. Louisa couldn’t help but wonder if it was directed towards the two of them. Maybe her father had found them out and had now ordered Piero’s arrest? She called to her lover, “Piero run!” Piero, however, stood petrified in place, so Louisa instinctively ran up to him and shielded him while begging the mob for mercy. Surely God would protect him to ensure their promised destiny.

The mob came to a halt while the couple held their breaths. There was hope until an old matron pointed at them yelling, “That is Luisa de’ Pazzi – get her! Let’s get all of them!” The mob resumed with frenzy.

Before Louisa could react a spear entered her abdomen and she felt it tug and exit out her back. Her eyes watered from the pain and her vision blurred as she looked up to face the distorted snarls of the crowd. Her hands cradled the shaft where warm blood was gushing out in pulsating intervals. She stood in shock for a moment, and then another woman hit her in the head with a brick. She fell and lost the grip of Piero’s arm as he was being pulled away, screaming, and when the spear hit the ground and forced her into an awkward landing, pain shot through her entire conscious being. Her sight went dark, and she curled up in agony for a brief moment before giving in to her fate. Her body submitted to the throbbing pain and she became still. Someone kicked her lifeless body to make sure she was dead, and the mob continued down the street, satisfied that she was done for. Louisa was left lying in the street with her senses receding, her mind somehow holding on a bit longer.

Fool – how could she let Satan trick her so? Her love for Piero, was it not good – was it not divine? In her increasingly confused mind, she imagined Cupid escaping her trust and flee to avoid any association with her, Louisa, the harlot. How could she have imagined herself as anything but a petty sinner, able to bleed and die like any Pazzi?

Louisa spent her last conscious moment fully faced with the reality of her fate – she was going to burn in hell. Her body twitched one last time, before she was snatched away, spear and all, and flung into the eternal fires of hell. Satan laughed mockingly, and Louisa de’ Pazzi was no more.

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