While some character names were chosen due to the connotation they invoked within the author, some names have a more literal association. The Nocturnal population have particularly peculiar names, quite intentional in an effort to establish their own sense of heritage. Since the story surrounding the nocturnals also include science, art and history, some of the characters are named after actual individuals.

Dr. Celsus, (also nicknamed the professor,) is named after Aulus Cornelius Celsus (ca 25 BCE – ca 50 BCE,) a Roman encyclopaedist known for his work, De Medicina. He is not to be confused with Celsus, the Greek Philosopher and opponent of early Christianity.

Our Dr. Celsus is a scientist in the field of molecular genetics. He’s the current head administrator of Pinecrest, headquarters of the science society Dr. Rugenn started.

The Serronis: Lorenzo, Cosimo, and Giovanni. The Serronis are an influential and central family behind the nocturnal project. Serroni is an Italian surname, but more importantly, the three given names may sound familiar to any fellow renaissance history buff out there. Replace Serroni with Medici, and you’ll end up with the birth family of the renaissance. It was this signore family that served as patrons for several major artists, discovered Michelangelo as a child and took him in as one of their own, and sponsored the sciences of their time, employing Galileo as a tutor to their children. This is reflective to the Serronis how? The Serronis too, are a major catalyst behind science, the science society and the nocturnal projects, and they also take an interest in progressive and innovative ideas. In the future, you will find that they take an interest in the arts as well, just like Miranda does. The family company name is naturally called the Signore Corp., so due to my personal fascination with the Medici family, I drew parallels.

The Seminar Attendees: Most of the student names are somewhat random, or according to the associations they solicit from my experience. Most of the students aren’t modeled after anyone in particular; I have known many a Steven, Daniel, Vanessa and Ken etc. The only student named after an actual person is Priyanka. I was looking for an Indian name as I wanted the crowd to be diverse, and I myself grew up with many Indian friends. Mayari might be the only one named after mythology among the students, and consequently it happens to be a lunar deity. Fitting? Well, the name in Philippine, so she adds to the diversity as well.

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