Cover Scene

Somehow, this became my favorite scene, and thus the cover of the book.

NOCS“It was past midnight when she came back to her room, exhausted and unsettled. She felt a bit gloomy and didn’t turn on the lights but walked over to her bed stand and put down her keys next to the lily, guided by the light of the moon and the sporadic flashes from the thunderstorm that had rolled in. Something caught the corner of her eye through the sheer white curtains, and when she looked towards the balcony she could see a dark silhouette visible against the deep blue sky, obstructing the diagonal downpour of glimmering raindrops, forcing them to splatter in an aimless flight. Another flash appeared and she could see him clearly against the rail, hunched down on his heels with his head hanging against his chest; he was soaked with rain.”

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